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Services Offered By Locksmiths in Weston

Locksmiths can help with a wide variety of issues. They can rekey your locks, install new ones, create master key systems, and more. Some of these services require specialized equipment, so not all locksmiths offer them.

One of the most common problems that people have is lockouts. This can happen for a number of reasons, and it is important to call a locksmith in Weston right away.


We offer the whole range of residential locksmith services in Weston. Our experts can help you rekey and replace locks, repair broken doors, and install new ones for enhanced security. They can also advise you on the latest options in home door locks to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with comprehensive locksmith solutions for your residential premise. You will never have to worry about your home’s safety after partnering with us. We can make your home’s security sturdy and hard to crack by rekeying the old locks, replacing them, or installing smart lock systems.

You may have seen countless commercial locksmith ads that claim to offer the best service in town. However, most of them are not trustworthy. They lure you in with low service call charges, but increase the rates once they get to work. To avoid being fooled, partner with a trusted locksmith service like Union Locksmith Store.


The most common reason people contact a locksmith is to get back into their house or car after locking themselves out, but locksmiths do so much more than just unlock doors. They install, repair, and change locks and door hardware. They also offer advice and recommendations on the best security options for your property.

Locks are an inseparable part of every commercial setup and they secure everything from storerooms to safes to offices. Hence, they need to be upgraded and maintained regularly to avoid any lapses in security. This is where competent business locksmiths come in.

A great residential or commercial locksmith will always provide great options for you when it comes to door hardware and locks. They will let you know about the newest hardware that can improve your protection and make your entrances look great. This way, you can renovate your home without compromising on safety or budget. They will even give you expert advice on a new lock system that can fit your door perfectly and enhance its appearance.


Your car offers you class, style and utility. It helps you travel long distances and bridge gaps. However, it requires regular visits to the workshop and other maintenance centers to keep it in pristine condition.

While most of us think of locksmiths as professionals who are adept at re-entry into homes and cars, they actually do much more than that. They install, repair and change locks to ensure security. They also provide consultation on matters related to locks and keys.

These days, cars come with transponder keys which are a great way to enhance your security. However, these keys can get misplaced or malfunction due to many reasons. If you are facing a problem with your transponder key or need a replacement, you can contact a Weston locksmith. They can provide you with transponder key replacement, repair and duplication services. Their services are affordable and reliable. Their skilled technicians can also help you install remote start, keyless entry, and car alarms.


With the present world being so dependent on the use of locks and keys for security, there are many situations where a person may need to avail the services of emergency locksmiths. These are people who work round the clock and help their clients resolve emergency lock issues. Their job profile isn’t limited to fixing a broken lock or extracting a key from the ignition; they are expected to do much more than this.

They are expected to install new locks and doors when needed. They also ensure that the existing ones are working properly to provide security. They can even repair or replace the push bar handles and locks of your emergency exits to make them safer. They can also create a master key system for your office and commercial space. In addition, they can also board up your smashed windows to prevent intruders from getting into your property. They are truly your lifesavers in times of trouble.

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